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Many people feel defeated by their 40th birthday. The feeling that acquiring a healthy fitness level is no longer attainable. Truth is : It is never to late. You can improve or maintain your fitness at any stage of your life. In todays fast paced world, people are finding it harder and harder to maintain a healthy body weight. Between busy work schedules and hectic family commitments exercise and healthy food consumption are often over looked. The difficultly becomes motivation and creating the time to exercise in between a busy home and work life schedule.


Middle Age Fitness Plans Do Not Have To Be Painful

Exercise does not have to be work ( even though it is called a workout ) the trick is to find ways to increase your level of activity in a manner that you enjoy. Whether you choose to ride a bicycle, rollerblade, jog, yoga, pilates, cross country ski, go to the gym or join a boot camp the key is to create motivation by increasing your level of enthusiasm towards your chosen activity. Whatever you do, do not let age slow you down. An over 40 fitness program will help you stay fit and healthy regardless of your physical age. Start by taking a good look at your daily food consumption. Insure that your daily eating plan is packed full of nutrient-dense food, like lean protein, fruits and vegetables and low-fat dairy and whole grains. Stay well hydrated, drink lots of water throughout the day. Try to avoid coffee and soft drinks.

Do not set yourself up for failure just because you have reached that 40 year milestone. Your fitness program should be based more on your goals and fitness level than on how old you are. Studies have shown that aging people respond very favorably to both strength training and aerobic exercise. If you are new to exercise or just returning to your previous fitness regime be sure to set your goals accordingly.

How Do I Start My Middle Age Exercise Plan

Step One : You must determine what your current fitness level is. Cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and body composition all need to be evaluated.


Step Two : Set some goals. What is it you wish to accomplish. Whether you are running a marathon, triathalon or just wish to make a healthy lifestyle change. Setting some realistic goals is important. If you accomplish your goals easily, you can always adjust accordingly.

Step Three : Alocate specific time for training, stick to your scheduled exercise time, your fitness must be earned and will not come overnight. You must be engage in physical activity on a consistent basis to reach your goals and to see the benefits of your hard work.

Step Four : Remember these key points as you begin to pursue your fitness goals
  •     Build gradually, start slowly, do not over do it, do not over exert yourself too quickly. Slowly and gradually progress from your existing fitness level.
  •     Warm up before you exercise, this will mentally prepare you and stimulate blood flow to your muscles, stretching before your workout will also promote flexibility, range of motion, prevent inury and potentially decrease recovery time.
  •     Stretch after your workout, this is equally as important as your warm up. Once again you are promoting blood flow to your muscles, flexibility and reducing your chance of injury.
  •     As you get older the body takes longer to recover from exercise, be sure to give your body adequit time to rest and recover.
  •     Switch up your training exercises, do not do the same exercise regime over and over. Your body will adapt to consistent training done in the same manner constantly. Switch it up so your body to does not become complacent with your exercises, complacency will impair your progress and minimize your results.
  •     Focus on the exercise you are performing, feel the muscle work. Concentrate on good form and proper technique. Poor technique will hamper you progress and possibly result in injury. If you are unable to train with good technique you must decrease your intensity or load and correct your technique before stepping it up again.
Whatever activity you engage in make sure you have “ Have Fun “. Exercise will feel less like work if you are having fun. Motivation is easier to find if enjoy your choosen activities. Finding time to exercise becomes a greater priority if you enjoy your activity.

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