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Fitness Over 40 Means Commitment to the Plan

By Allison Holt

The weight loss journey can be long and hard and it can be harder when you are talking about fitness over 40. So you need a plan to help you succeed. Statistics will show you that every successful weight loss plan will include a good nutrition plan and a dedicated exercise plan. It sounds pretty simple, but if you just use those two elements weight loss will always seem to be just around the corner. Fortunately, I've found that there is more to it and what you need to add. Adding commitment to your plan is the underlying key to success. All of these things can be found in a good program, such as "Fit Over Forty" by Jon Benson.


Fitness over 40 is attainable with a solid plan and commitment to it. It's a mind set, a life changing choice, and you will need motivation to change. It can be found in the Fit Over Forty program. Besides a great fitness plan you will also get motivation from people who have done amazing things. I know that one of the best ways to stay committed is to hear about great results from other people. People that you can relate to and gain confidence from by hearing and seeing that their own commitment paid off in amazing results. Now that you have a plan to start on your road to weight loss you first must pick your key elements and then a program to build around them.

Your diet and commitment to it is very important. If you are a woman over 40 you probably lead a busy life. So, start with exploring different diet and food choice options that will fit into your busy lifestyle and budget. Your diet must be able to accommodate you when you are out having fun and be easy to follow so that it is flexible enough for everyday. If you are the type of person that does not like salads, for example, then you must find a plan that does not include salad. Don't include items you don't really like and add more items you do to your diet plan. Eating what you enjoy will make it easier for you to stick to it.


I have found that at the end of the day the plan can be very simple, as long as you follow some basic rules. These rules must be incorporated into every plan for fitness over 40. The first rule is portion control. As the world ages portion control, quite frankly, has become out of control. Historical comparisons that look at normal food intake from the 1950's and compare them to today, will show that on average, we all have increased our food intake and our portion sizes. The marketing concept of up-sizing at restaurants and fast food establishments may make us feel we are getting a bang for our buck, but it has put a stretch on our stomach and pounds on our hips.

Think about decreasing your portion sizes by 25% and in turn you will automatically decrease your calorie intake by 25%. If you are unsure about how to make those changes, utilize smaller plates and bowls. Use your own body to determine portion sizes, for example, when eating pasta, your portion size should be no larger than your own fist. A meat serving should be the size of your own palm. It's not necessary to go out and purchase fancy scales. Weigh scales are helpful when you are always eating at home. But in the event that you are out, utilizing these simple eye tricks can help you in portion control.

The second basic rule is to keep a food diary. Food diaries that are done honestly will bring light to your "real" calorie intake. When I have taken a survey of dieters who have kept a journal, people time and time again are surprised at their total food intake on a daily basis. Try your own experiment and write down everything that you consume on a daily basis. Try it for 7 days and you will be guaranteed to be enlightened about your own calorie intake. Once you have a clear understanding of your intake, you will be able to row your own diet boat. It's rowing your own boat that takes me to my next point.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise. Exercise can bring us all instant thoughts of dread and defeat, I've heard it all: I can't, I'm not an athlete, I don't have time and the list goes on and on. Own your weight loss journey. To do that you need to pick a program that you can stick to and concentrate your exercise goals on such as Fit over Forty. If you have never exercised it can seem impossible to get off that couch and into a regular exercise routine. But you need to approach your exercise program the same as you would any other daily activity of living. All of us have routines that we do everyday, from washing the dishes, making our bed, or watching the evening news.

For fitness over 40 for to succeed, it needs to be the same with exercise. You MUST approach it as part of your daily routine. In order to make exercise a habit, you must make a commitment to 21 days of exercise. These days don't have to all be in a row, but should be done fairly close together. This will make it part of your routine. It will be tough, but the pay off is well worth it. So, set up a calendar for exercise. You can even purchase stickers to help you stay focused. I know this may sound very basic, but committing to exercise should be basic and it is ofter the simple.

When I was starting on my exercise commitment I set up a regular calendar and star system. On Sundays, I would sit down with my calendar and look to the week ahead. I would pre-plan my exercise moments around my upcoming events. I would then schedule my exercise time the same way that I would set up a hair appointment. Pre-planning for the week ahead, allows you to find the time to make your exercise appointments. If you wait till that day, excuses and poor time management will push your exercise to the next day. The next day never seems to come and then you can not get to your 21 day goal. Then, every day that I fulfilled my exercise commitment, I would highlight it on my exercise calendar with a golden star. When your calendar becomes filled with those golden stars, you will have a natural high and sense of accomplishment. It is such a great feeling!

Another important thing to do is to reward yourself. In order to feel that you are not being deprived you have to do it. Whether it is with food or exercise, everyone must set up a reward system. Since I am a woman over forty myself, I rewarded myself with things that made me feel good about myself. So if you are like me, your system could be that once you have lost 5 pounds, you get a pedicure. Or, once you hit your 21 day exercise high, with your 21 golden stars, you could have a goal prize of a date night , or a new CD. You need to set your own rewards so that you can achieve and derive pleasure from them.


So by paying a lot of attention to picking the right diet plan and using the right exercise plan for who you are now, you will help yourself get to where you want to be. Using helpful little tricks along the way will ensure that you stay away from the landmines of weight loss and that you achieve the ultimate you. Start today and make your own commitment to your own plan for fitness over 40.

Be Fit Over 40 along with me and thousands of other people. We were all at square one at some point. Use the Fit Over 40 Program to get motivated and be fit and healthy. Let's help each other to become healthy, lose weight and get fit.

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