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3 Steps To Strength Training For Fitness Over 40

By Derek Penycate

If you want more out of your strength training fitness workout, then you need to get three key elements right. The best way to do that is to know about the 'mind to muscle' link, proper form and the speed of each repetition. In this article, I will give you a three step process on how to use these elements and get the best out of your strength training fitness over 40 routines.


1. Mind to muscle link.

First find a book or chart that has pictures of the main muscle groups for your fitness workout. Then take a muscle group you can easily see, say the biceps at the front of your arm, then curl your arm toward your shoulder and tense the bicep muscle at the top of the movement. This feeling of tension is what you need to be able to feel in the muscle you can't see, for instance in your upper back, while you're performing exercises in your fitness program.

Being able to feel the tension in muscle you can't see while you are doing your fitness routines, not only makes the exercises more effective, but also tells you when you are performing the exercise correctly.

2. Proper form.

With the 'mind to muscle' link to help you feel the muscle you are working on during a fitness workout, it is easier to know when you are using good form. Good form is about using the exercise to target the muscle you are working on and minimising the use of the other muscles in that area.

For instance the squat exercise is supposed to target the buttocks and the major muscle groups of the leg. Without the use of good form and focussing your attention on the muscles you're supposed to be working during fitness over 40 workouts, you could easily place too much stress on you lower back. Apart from reducing the overall effect of the exercise, you will almost certainly, if not straight away, end up over a period of time giving yourself a bad back.


3. Repetition speed.

The speed at which you do your exercise repetitions is important. If you swing and jerk the weight or resistance up and then drop it down, then you're almost certainly doing your fitness workout repetitions too fast. This means you don't have control of the weight and could at the very least drop or hit yourself with the weight or resistance, or at worst tear or strain a muscle, thereby stopping you from doing any fitness program until your injuries have healed.

An ideal speed to perform your repetitions is being able to hold the weight or resistance part way through the repetition for a second or so. You don't actually have to stop and pause part way through a repetition, just that if you wanted to you could because you are in control of the resistance and not the weight in control of you.

By using these three methods your fitness over 40 strength training should be productive and as far as possible injury free.

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